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At Horizon Entertainment Cargo Japan we are playing our part for many years now in the development of economic activities in the global entertainment industry…

HEC’s main Japan operations office in Tokyo headed up by HEC's chief operations manager for Japan Hiroshi Nishikawa offers our loyal entertainment touring clients total specialist logistics support for the time sensitive transportation of their Japanese touring needs, all our experienced cargo services in this industry that HEC provide are vastly dissimilar to any general commercial cargo so a wealth of experience in entertainment shipping is a crucial factor and HEC Japan ops personnel have an abundance of all freight ops talents needed in that respect.

HEC Japan also specializes in handling large exhibition & conference shipments as well as shipping entertainment touring equipment plus in addition specialist time sensitive cargo handling and shipping for many other events too especially for many companies looking to break into either the international or Japanese markets.

Our HEC spectrum is broad, diverse and encompassing many live events in Japan and internationally such as musical and sporting events, HEC also handle cultural events including many art exhibitions. HEC Tokyo Japan’s head office in the HEC world network employs a range of tailor-made logistics solutions all backed by a professional staff with years of time sensitive freight experience so as to enable HEC Japan to accommodate your every requirement in specialist time sensitive cargo movements.


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