Along with our offices in the United Kingdom and North America, Horizon’s business encompasses the entire globe with offices across the map.




HEC/DE  M.D. Germany

Phone: +49(0)22 659 92 120

T: + 49 (0) 172 253 6053 (24/7)
T: + 49 (0) 2296 991031


Horizon Entertainment Cargo head office in Germany is perfectly situated in the ideal location for European touring logistics just to the west of Koln in Wehnrath

HEC/Koln, now 17 years in entertainment logistics operations as a Hecargoworld satellite office is headed up by Elmar Lamberti himself a well renowned name in the European tour production industry having been professionally active in the handling of entertainment tour logistics here for well over 30 years.

Working alongside Elmar in HEC/Koln ops are Klaus Dabrunz and Beate Dabrunz also both fully experienced specialist logistics operators ensuring each and every day that your time sensitive tour freight deadlines are met on time every time so what you are expecting and needing to happen on show-day for your performance, your exhibition, your conference or indeed any other specialist freight move you have trusted HEC with  is delivered on time every time and just as important it is all cared for with the special dedicated handling that HEC have become renowned for in the entertainment industry over the past 23 years.



ANTONIO SANTOS  HEC General Logistics Manager France

HEC General Logistics Manager France

Tel:  +33 1 78787404
Tel + 33646345955   (24/7)


Horizon Entertainment Cargo Paris office is strategically placed in the bustling cargo center at Paris Charles de Gaulle from where all our clients' time sensitive entertainment logistics across France and beyond are controlled 24/7

Having an HEC office at Paris/CDG allows us to look at various client’s shipment budget options in Europe enabling us to often return your tour production freight to CDG for its export shipment from there even when your final tour date is in another EEC country altogether where possibly we could not obtain the same favoured HEC rate for you to match a keener HEC/CDG negotiated rate and so then also, coupled with HEC’s operational knowledge of the Paris/CDG system as well as our long term familiar Customs working relationship at Paris CDG also this is often a smoother, reliable and more budget friendly option for HEC clients, a preferable export alternative altogether.

HEC/CDG logistics centre is managed and controlled by Antonio Santos, himself already a nationally renowned and highly respected name in the French specialist logistics industry as well as also being internationally connected with time sensitive freight business too. Until very recently, Antonio has for many years been CEO for various major US & European names at the top of the international freight forwarding industry as well as also having been an active player in the HEC world network logistics team for 14 years too, so HEC are finally very proud to announce that Antonio Santos now has his own official HEC/Paris operational office and managing all HEC network’s time sensitive client operations in France, Spain, Portugal, North Africa and beyond too, as nowhere is there an alien territory for this man to operate in logistically due to both his impressive career experience coupled with his specialist freight forwarding talents.



HIROSHI NISHIKAWA  HEC General Logistics Manager Japan

HEC General Logistics Manager Japan

Tel: 81-(0)43-295-4559
Cell: 81(0)70-2837-199


At Horizon Entertainment Cargo Japan we are playing our part for many years now in the development of economic activities in the global entertainment industry…

HEC’s main Japan operations office in Tokyo headed up by HEC's chief operations manager for Japan Hiroshi Nishikawa offers our loyal entertainment touring clients total specialist logistics support for the time sensitive transportation of their Japanese touring needs, all our experienced cargo services in this industry that HEC provide are vastly dissimilar to any general commercial cargo so a wealth of experience in entertainment shipping is a crucial factor and HEC Japan ops personnel have an abundance of all freight ops talents needed in that respect.

HEC Japan also specializes in handling large exhibition & conference shipments as well as shipping entertainment touring equipment plus in addition specialist time sensitive cargo handling and shipping for many other events too especially for many companies looking to break into either the international or Japanese markets.

Our HEC spectrum is broad, diverse and encompassing many live events in Japan and internationally such as musical and sporting events, HEC also handle cultural events including many art exhibitions. HEC Tokyo Japan’s head office in the HEC world network employs a range of tailor-made logistics solutions all backed by a professional staff with years of time sensitive freight experience so as to enable HEC Japan to accommodate your every requirement in specialist time sensitive cargo movements.



TIGER WEY  HEC General Logistics Manager Asia

HEC General Logistics Manager Asia

Tel: + 886 (0) 928 262163 (24/7)
Tel: + 886 (0) 2 - 2731 6234


With over 22 years working in time sensitive show freight, fair and event logistics fields…

Horizon Entertainment Cargo Taiwan is definitely a reliable tour-freight partner you can trust relating to the handling of your musical performance, concert, private event, motor sports, art festival or even showcasing your products in a road show etc.

Horizon Entertainment Cargo Taiwan is able to provide you with all customized door to door logistics solutions in the Great China territory and also Pacific Rim. No matter where you are staging your performance or event, our HEC logistics operators and freight specialists know all the access points.

With our single-point-of-contact approach, you will have a dedicated specialist for each project. Our employees guarantee global and local expertise on site, to help the seamless handling of your time-sensitive shows. With our 24/7 working manner, you can reach us any time, and you will be also kept informed of each step of your own jobs process. Your assignment is 100% assured to be completed perfectly and highly professionally.



ALAN DYER  HEC General Logistics Manager Australasia

HEC General Logistics Manager Australasia

Phone: +64(0)9 839 7046


Our Horizon Entertainment Cargo Australian and New Zealand offices are all geared to provide full 24/7 functionality with total coverage for you in both of these countries…

HEC’s chief ops manager for Australasia Alan Dyer, brings to the table more than 30 years international logistics and Customs experience, most part of this time he has been mainly involved in entertainment and time critical project logistics, over 16 years of it with HEC operations in this part of the world.

Over the years for HEC Alan has bought together an exceptional freight network throughout both these countries, a team of professional freight ops personnel all with enviable entertainment industry experience and the important ability to cover any tour whatever the scale.

Operating HEC Australia and New Zealand tour freight under one central HEC operations office enables HEC Australasia to provide their clients with an exceptional level of entertainment cargo management, especially where Customs and Quarantine matters are involved. This is a critical point of difference that has been proved beneficial time and time again when HEC entertainment clients have chosen HEC as their preferred entertainment freight forwarder in Australasia.

In HEC Australasia we do not only specialize in regular International entertainment freight moves and border clearances for tours in our region, we can also provide you with storage solutions in any city too as well as any domestic road transportation requirement and all of it linked to superior & experienced local knowledge to solve any issues and making your tour one of the best you have ever experienced down in our part of the entertainment touring itinerary.



ELINOAR PRIDAN  HEC General Logistics Manager Israel

HEC General Logistics Manager Israel

Phone: + 972-3-5735445
Mobile: + 972-58-7870808


Hecargoworld team are proud to welcome our latest edition to the network. Based in the capital, Tel Aviv, HEC is at the center of entertainment in Israel...

HEC/Tel Aviv has now been added to our existing world network due to an overall increase in recent years of valued HEC clients heading to Israel to perform plus, with much entertainment business in Israel itself, what we have now created also is an alternative worldwide specialist Entertainment Freight network option for various Israeli clients e.g. Intl. touring Orchestras, Circus Troupes, Israeli Music Artistes, Fine Art,  Exhibition and Conference freight clients so now offering all of our valued Hecargoworld clients complete peace of mind in having their own dedicated hands on/time sensitive shipping company to service their every door to door international shipping requirements.

HEC/Tel Aviv office staff are a fully qualified & experienced team trained in time sensitive logistics, all are focused on offering all of our entertainment shipping clients an exceptional  high level of service, their commitment on all HEC shipments carried out is to deliver when required made possible each move by tight professional teamwork especially through constant contact with the client to ensure delivery will happen on time every time.

Apart from HEC/Tel Aviv main office across Israel we also have air/sea branch offices in Ashdod Haifa as well as at Ben-Gurion airport.