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Horizon Entertainment Cargo is a specialist freight forwarding company operating in the entertainment touring industry now for 25 years. We have nine HEC offices in our "Hecargoworld" network across the globe making sure you're covered; wherever your tour takes you. Since starting our business we have accumulated a loyal family of renowned entertainment touring clients; many of whom we can proudly say are still with us to this day. 


We can provide a fully professional 24/7 tour production-experienced service within our time sensitive touring logistics operations. 




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As we all leave our old HEC “Globe” Logo behind I am hoping you will all like our new Corp Logo just as much that has been designed to take us forward from here. With 2018 behind us also now we cannot possibly let it go without recording in writing for our company’s history book what an awesome year it has been for us all in the Hecargoworld Network. The year 2018 will forever go down as a very prominent & special year for all in the HEC lifespan and may I add all was specifically planned this way to enhance our ongoing quest to stay trading as one of this industry’s top movers and shakers a position HEC has held and naturally achieved with our Premium tour production service provided to our clients for 25 yrs now.

We now warmly welcome 2019 with open arms mainly due to it being Horizon Entertainment Cargo’s 25th Anniversary Year and to kick that new year off in HEC/London we all return to work at our new World Headquarters building constructed & customised over the past year to HEC’s own operational requirements & high standards from the warehouse down to our new corporate offices to handle all Hecargoworld business as well as handling the same services for our beloved sister company csuk Tour Bussing company that will be 3 years old in May 2019, but growing in demand so fast.

HEC has invested heavily this year in our new business premises but that only can reflect our total confidence in HEC’s ongoing future in the International Entertainment Shipping industry, with our new London facility at Kempton Gate Business Park we are now already prepped for our next 25yrs of Horizon Entertainment Cargo’s existence providing our renowned premium time sensitive touring logistics service to an industry that we all know, love & live in and also where many of us have directly come from as well.

2018 has also been an extra special HEC year for another reason too as I  can now reveal our pride in announcing the forming of our new US partner company that has specifically been set up with our new US partners to handle all HEC’s time sensitive touring logistics across the American and Canadian entertainment market, this specialist unification is an intentional purpose built time sensitive logistics business partnership for the whole of  the Nth American territories between “Horizon Entertainment Cargo Ltd” and “SOS Global Express Inc”, our new Nth American Logistics partnership company will be trading as “SOS Entertainment Logistics LLC” and will be merging SOS Global Express’s already honed time sensitive logistics capabilities together with Horizon Entertainment Cargo’s 25 Years of music business knowledge & shop floor mentality, pure coalface touring wisdom and vast operational experience in what can be at most times a very complex tour logistics market we operate in.

Most important for us to do forming our partnership was to keep the entertainment production mentality & understanding of clients at 100% to the forefront of our new US partnership company and so to ensure that we would achieve this we specifically head hunted & acquired a top production manager of 30yrs experience working in the world touring industry “Mr. Bob O’Brien” to head up the tour sales and client relationship side of “SOS Entertainment Logistics LLC” and so we are happy to say we are up and firing on all eight now trying to  stay as cool as we can be re. the fact of how well this whole newly formed partnership is already working for us so early in its inception so as they say things can & will only get better from here on in with our new partnership into 2019 & hopefully well beyond.

So there we have it for this year’s CEO’s letter, we are all set to go for 2019 now moving into Hecargoworld Network’s new world headquarters building in London, our brand new HEC Corporate Logo to show off to the world now, our HEC 25th Anniversary 1994-2019 to celebrate and the wonderful breaking news of our new Nth American logistics trading partnership company “SOS Entertainment Logistics” created for HEC/SOS clients with the specific intent to build a stronger logistics platform for us to operate from in Nth America, to build a much wider spread time sensitive touring logistics alliance while at the same time offering  a strengthened Premium service to all our touring clients in many more new found touring regions opening up today and in the foreseeable future, thanks 2018 for everything you gave us,  welcome to our world 2019.

Phil McDonnell.

CEO Horizon Entertainment Cargo Ltd.