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Horizon Entertainment Cargo is a specialist freight forwarding company operating in the entertainment touring industry now for 23 years. We have nine HEC offices in our "Hecargoworld" network across the globe making sure you're covered; wherever your tour takes you. Since starting our business we have accumulated a loyal family of renowned entertainment touring clients; many of whom we can proudly say are still with us to this day. 


We can provide a fully professional 24/7 tour production-experienced service within our time sensitive touring logistics operations. 




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Phil McDonnell, CEO



2017 has been a year where so many people have been commenting on how fast the year has already been and gone, I feel exactly the same myself about 2017 but my reasoning is because being so busy with everything going on each day you have not had the time to come up for air and when you are a 24/7 operational time sensitive entertainment logistics company as Horizon Entertainment Cargo is then one week tends to just roll unnoticed into the next and so before you have time to stop to think about it it’s all over and gone and so here we are again, a big welcome to 2018 please.

Horizon Entertainment Cargo has had another full on year in 2017 I am very pleased to say  not only with a very busy work year but also welcoming new members of staff into the HEC working family, Martin Bates comes in as our new day to day  London office operations  manager and Nathalie McDonnell is now working closely with me in my office as my personal secretary otherwise known as my daily diary on two legs ensuring I am positioned where I have to be and when each day, she takes no prisoners either so she is good for me to have her looking over my shoulder at all times with so much going on. Along with myself also is Phil Linkin our Admin/Accounts manager who has been with HEC for 16years now keeping us all on the straight and narrow and my son & heir Jack McDonnell rounding off  the 2nd year of his 4 year HEC training course and who will eventually be taking the wheel from his old man to take Horizon Entertainment Cargo on forward for yet another full 25yrs and beyond I hope, all of us in our Hecargoworld  team plus our sea freight colleagues Steve Parks and Peter Roberts at our HEC/Ocean office in Felixstowe & not forgetting our HEC airport warehouse team at the LHR are now all heading straight into 2018 from Day 1 as we are staring at yet another mad year kicking off already doing what we all do.

Hecargoworld’s time sensitive logistics network team situated around the worlds touring circuit in our seven other HEC offices are still managed by the same ops guys that those who regularly use HEC tour after tour have come to know, befriend and  admire for their touring logistics skills, a team who have been in place with HEC for so many years now and will be there for many more to come also so between all of the expertise contained within Horizon Entertainment Cargo world network it’s a no brainer really, if looking for experienced touring mentality, the  security and respect you demand to receive in the handling of your equipment, competitive shipping prices to suit your tour budget plus the knowing your gear is going to be there for you on the day for your show to go up on time then what more is there for you to think about, we’re here for you 24/7 over 365 days a year when you are ready to discuss tour logistics.  Hoping you all have a great 2018.